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NOVEMBER 21, 2018

What do you think Controlled Environment Agriculture and the cannabis market will look like in 5 or 10 years? What does consistency and
standardization mean for our industry? For indoor cultivators, the ability to accurately control lighting, watering, humidity, temperature, and fertilization can make all the difference between a great product, and a simply acceptable one. Lighting is the pivotal factor your cultivation system revolves around. Your lighting solution dictates your facility’s infrastructure control needs.

Cannabis connoisseurs have more options than ever before, given the massive expansion of strains the market now offers. Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) systems help growers meet their potency and consistency goals, as many now prefer the exacting nature of indoor grown strains. With the goal of CEA to maximize consistency when creating a brand, we at Sunscape are investigating and innovating by creating partnerships with cultivators. We think this is the best way to form a sustainable future for our new industry. We are cannabis growers
and consumers, not only engineers and technicians – as consumers we are always becoming more educated about cannabis and its ever growing staple of products. We find ourselves naturally drawn to brands with quality and consistency standards we trust.

An efficient lighting system will not only lower production cost per pound, but also promote maximum quality and yield. We at Sunscape are eager to continue pushing boundaries and creating meaningful partnerships as the dream of full legalization grows to fruition.

What's next? Fierce commercial competition in regulated free market:

                        a. Standardization: Achieving the same quality potential for each strain, every harvest; setting standards involves research and vetting processes, management, and SOP creation where data collection, analysis, and evidence based decision making standardize the output.

                        b. Risk Management and Production Guarantee: Now that we are legalized, standardization becomes the back bone of a business when promising production guarantees; production guarantees mean a business is viable because there is something to sell at a consistent, repeatable rate.

                        c. Sustainability: The viability of a business is the business's ability to drive down cost and to compete to win; sustainable businesses innovate and reduce costs by reducing energy use; they recycle and SAVE with increased efficiency.

A number of LED light designers have made significant advances in recent years, but most of the progress has come from simply growing along with the availability of mainline LED semiconductor materials already in the open market. During the push toward legalization we’ve been fortunate to have one foot inside the burgeoning cannabis industry, and the other remaining firmly planted in the semiconductor industry. With 4+ years of R&D within the cannabis industry, Sunscape LED not only emulates sunlight photoperiod, but allows the user to adjust the color spectrum to emulate the seasons. Not satisfied, we’ve also worked tirelessly creating automation advances that positively impact farms of all sizes looking to build their systems further, acquire more control, and allow more time for practicing plant science and creating avenues for innovation.


Our recent dimming system advancements, coming to market in 2019, offer the ability to fully automate control over the light spectrum by your mobile device. These kinds of automated control features were previously only available to large horticulture operations. At Sunscape we desire to make advances like these available to farms of all sizes.


We’ve also been fortunate to work with startup farms in California, Washington State, and Oregon from the beginning. As a collective we at Sunscape are small business professionals who have also worked for, and collaborated with large manufacturers, distributors, and NGO’s. This unique cross section of experience provides us with a lens to see where high-level big business is headed, and at the same time still remain planted in the same small farm ethos we’ve developed Sunscape from.


We look forward to sharing our findings and new designs with the cannabis community and horticulture technicians of all varieties. We would love to hear your input! We are available for tours of our Kanaba Farms Oregon Innovation Center – our testing ground for new LED technologies. Come join us, 9am-4:19pm M-F, we are right off of interstate 5 in Salem, OR. Drop us a line, we’re easy to find!